Who are you and why are you so unique

Well, hi there. My name is Jeroen Kok, I live in the Netherlands and I’m actually not that unique. I consider myself to be quite average most of the time. It does pique interest though. Unique, everybody likes to be Unique, or even thinks that he or she is Unique. With me, it was my name. Jeroen Kok is a very common name in the Netherlands. I think Kees Jansen is a bit worse, but that’s about it. A sort of a nickname I got was Joenie, short for Jeroen (although not actually shorter). My last name starts with a K. So, Joenie K put together makes Joeniek, wich phonetic sounds a lot like Unique.

Well, now that we have that question tackled. Why a website? I hope that’s obvious. To get filthy rich! Or it least die trying. Oh, and because I like to tell stories, talk about my gear, about pictures and mostly because I like it when people are interested in what I have to say.

Ok, last question. Who or what are you then? Well, I’m a male version of the human race. Born in 1981, working as a IT professional knowing absolutely nothing about IT, part time dad and wedding photographer, full time lover and partner to my lovely girlfriend and enthusiastic photographer.

One more? Just for the hell of it? Well, ok…what gear do you use? I used to use Nikon, but nowadays it’s Fuji X.

Trouwfotograaf Twente


As a professional photographer I decided to limit┬ámy work to wedding photography. This does not mean I won’t do anything else anymore, but for me, it’s what I like most. I might rediscover other thing to photograph in the near future, but for now…focus seems like a good thing.

My dedicated site for wedding photography is (Dutch) :


Please visit, and tell me what you think about it. Hoping to be able to update it real soon with new pictures, taken with the Fuji X system camera’s